1, rue la Fayette


2 floors
Lauer, Paramida & ELLES [Love On The Rocks 5th anniversary]

LAUER Running Back / Permanent Vacation – Frankfurt

German DJ and producer based in Frankfurt, resident of Robert Johnson, he performs alone or under the alias Tuff City Kids with Gerd Janson. Pure house and disco. 

PARAMIDA Love On The Rocks – Frankfurt

DJ from Frankfurt, former Renate resident, she launched her own label Love On The Rocks 5 years ago and produces tracks with disco/house/balearic influences. Happy anniversary LOTR.

ELLES Love On The Rocks / Naivety – London

DJ and producer from London, resident on Radio Quantica and Netil Radio, she plays ambient, italo, cold wave and hi NRG.

2 floors
Mørbeck, JKS & Solpara

MØRBECK Code Is Law – Berlin

DJ and producer from Berlin, former resident of the Moscow’s Monasterio and Stattbad, he produced on Vault Series in 2010 and then on labels such as Perc Trax and Soma. Since 2013 he has been managing his own Code Is Law label. He plays a raw, melodic and groovy techno.

JKS Molekül -Paris

Parisian DJ and producer, he mainly released on Molekül, a label he manages with AIROD, Mayeul and Khoegma since 2016. His techno style is characterized by powerful and percussive acid sounds.

SOLPARA Brutaż / Quiet Time – New York

DJ and producer from New York, he plays techno, electro, ambient, breaks and post-punk. All night on the 2nd floor in dj set and live.

2 floors
Cromby, Hammer, River Yarra

CROMBY Feel My Bicep – Berlin

Irish DJ and producer, based in Berlin, former Shine resident in Belfast and signed on the Bicep’s label, he performs often at the AVA festival and the Panorama bar. House bangers.

HAMMER Feel My Bicep – London

Irish DJ and producer, based in London, he first releases on Optimo and then on Hotflush, Feel my Bicep or Correspondant, Jennifer Cardini’s label. He plays and produces a spacy deep house.

RIVER YARRA Antinote / Super Utu – Melbourne

Australian DJ and producer, he joins the Antinote label alongside Zaltan, PAM and Nico Motte. He plays an experimental and trancy electro. All night long on the 2nd floor.

2 floors
AnD – All night long

AnD AnD – Manchester

DJs and producers based in Manchester, the English duo set their style in 2011 with a series of releases on Idle Hands, Black Sun records and Project Squared. Their sound is characterized by a UK techno, dynamic and raw, influenced by Dave Clarke. All night long in the main room. 

CELINE.B Plastiquesonore – Mulhouse


2 floors
Tresor Night [OPEN-END]

JAMES RUSKIN Blueprint / Tresor – London

English DJ and producer, Ruskin started his career in the mid-1990s and created the Blueprint label with Richard Polson in 1996, the Coda sub-label soon followed. He then produced his first LP on Tresor in 2000 and became a regular artist on the label. He is also a member of the O/V/R live project with Regis.

DJ DEEP Deeply Rooted / Tresor – Paris

Parisian DJ and producer, founder of the Deeply Rooted label, vinyl addict he plays as house as techno. He signed several EPs on Tresor Records and became an artist on the label and a resident of the club.

HANDMADE Tresor – Berlin

Berliner DJ, resident of the Tresor since 2009, his deep and dubby style oscillates between techno Detroit and chicago house, with a touch of acid.

RON WILSON 777 Recordings / Tresor – Berlin

DJ, producer and promoter from Berlin, boss of the 777 Recordings label and organizer of the Tanzmichmal parties, he plays house and techno. He’s also a resident of the club for 4 years

2 floors
Fast Forward Night

REPRO Euromantic / Kulør / Fast Forward – Copenhagen

Danish DJ and producer, based in Copenhagen, he co-founded the Euromantic label in 2017 with Adam Askov with whom he also shares the live project Funeral Future. His EBM/techno/trance style is fully in line with the Danish fast techno scene.

DJ IBON BunkerBauer / Kulør / Fast Forward – Copenhagen

Norwegian DJ and producer, based in Copenhagen, he signed his first EP on Ectotherm in 2017. Member of Fast Forward and BunkerBauer, a collective active since 2015 on the Danish rave scene. His techno is fast, percussive and groovy.

TROELS HASS Percy Records / Proton – Copenhagen

Danish DJ, founder of Percy Records, vinyl shop emblematic of the Copenhagen electronic scene, which regularly hosts release parties from local labels

BJÖRT Fast Forward – Copenhagen VA

Björt has been doing graphics and visuals for the underground techno parties in Copenhagen for the past year and will come together with the Fast Forward crew to serve you immersive visuals.

2 floors

TAMA SUMO Ostgut Ton – Berlin

DJ, producer and remixer from Berlin, she started her career in 1993 at the Drama bar and then became a resident of the Tresor and the Ostgut. Now a resident of the Berghain / Panorama Bar, her house is inclusive and a reflection of diversity, like the Bring Down The Walls events she organizes with Lakuti.

RONY & BIG FREAK Ordinaire – Strasbourg

CHILL KALT – Strasbourg


STU KALT – Strasbourg

2 floors
Freddy K & Cashu

FREDDY K KEY Vinyl / ACV – Berlin

Italian DJ and producer, based in Berlin, boss of the KEY Vinyl label, he started his career in 1991. He is known for his marathon sets and 360° techno. Vinyl only.

CASHU Mamba Negra – São Paulo

Brazilian DJ, based in Sao Paulo, co-founder of the artistic collective Mamba Negra, she defends an inclusive and queer electronic scene.

LEGBA Longevity – Strasbourg