1, rue la Fayette


2 floors
Joey Anderson, Titia & Steve Marie

Joey Anderson (Inimeg Records / Dekmantel / Uzuri – New Jersey)

DJ and North American producer, living legend of new-yorker scene, he now produces on Inimeg Records and Dekmantel.  His dj sets mix mental deephouse and techno.

Titia (Amsterdam) 

Dutch DJ, resident Is Burning and member of the Clone Records team, she plays house, acid or breakbeat with rave accents.

[Cymatique floor]

Steve Marie (Opaq Records – Paris)

DJ and producer from Corsica, he plays and produces a techno trance/rave sometimes abstract and futuristic in a nod to the 90s.

Cymatique crew (Strasbourg)

2 floors
Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler (IMF / Mote Evolver / Ostgut Ton – Berlin)

German DJ, producer and label manager, former resident of Berghain, he produces on Ostgut Ton, Mote Evolver and on his own IMF label. We find him with Efedemin under the DIN project. Timeless techno!

Tom Talenberg (Level Delta – Berlin) 

German DJ and producer, based in Berlin, co-founder of the Level Delta collective and dj resident at Griessmühle. He plays a 90’s / 00’s techno. 

Chill (KALT – Strasbourg)

Glenn Prinz ( KALT – Strasbourg)

2 floors
Rolando & Subradeon

DJ Rolando A.K.A. The Aztec Mystic (R3 – Detroit)  

American DJ and producer, member of Underground Resistance from 1994 to 2004, he is one of the pioneers of Detroit techno. As resident of Berghain and Rex, he only reserves a few dates a year to play in other clubs or festivals. Timeless techno!   

Subradeon (Rekids / Character – Berlin)

Italian DJs and producers based in Berlin, regulars of Tresor, they play and produce a Detroit techno combined with elements of hip-hop, jazz, funk and soul. Techno as a universal message.

Galac (Strasbourg)

2 floors

Efdemin (Ostgut Ton / Naïf – Berlin)

German DJ and producer, resident of Berghain, his latest LP on Ostgut Ton is in Resident Advisor’s top album 2019. His sets and productions navigate between dancefloor techno and experimental modulations.  

Dimë (KALT – Strasbourg)

Stu (KALT – Strasbourg)

2 floors
John Talabot

John Talabot (Hivern Discs / Young Turks – Barcelona)

Catalan DJ and producer, signed on Hivern Disc and member of Talaboman with Axel boman, he plays and produces deep house and melodic techno with synth pop and italo influences. Balearic atmosphere..    

Céline B (Plastiquesonore – Mulhouse) 

Aramis (KALT – Colmar)

2 floors
Kulør night

Courtesy (Kulør – Copenhagen)

Danish DJ, co-founder of Ectotherm, representative of Copenhagen’s fast techno / trance scene, she returns to the club after founding her own label Kulør. The label now has two releases, including the various artist 001 and his characteristic artwork which represents the label’s objective: to promote the Danish cultural scene. 

Kasper Marott (Kulør / Axces / Seilscheibenpfeiler – Copenhagen)

Danish DJ and producer, co-founder of the label Axces with Alfredo92. Tribal house, bass and experimental sounds. 

Sugar (Euromantic / Kulør / Mama Told Ya – Copenhagen)

Danish DJ and producer, co-founder of Fast Forward Productions, he recently signed on Euromantic and KAOS. His sets combine fast and melodic techno with Danish trance. 

2 floors
D. Tiffany & Kate Miller

D. Tiffany A.K.A. DJ Zozi (Planet Euphorique – Berlin)

Canadian DJ and producer, part of the Vancouver scene with her own Sweep UP afterparties and founder of Planet Euphorique, she plays electro, trance and breakbeat. Hazy sounds!

Kate Miller (Oscillate – Berlin)

Australian DJ, based in Berlin, she works on the label and Oscillate events. Regular at ://about blank, she plays house and electro.

Diliman (KALT / YouAreHere – Nancy)