ORLANDO is an opera, an immersive experience combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live music performance. Julie Beauvais choreographs expansive slow movements with precursors. These Orlandos of today embody the post-binary new paradigm in Berlin, Kinshasa, Marfa, London, Varanasi, Belo Horizonte-Lisboa, Chandolin, Patagonia, North Sea. Horace Lundd films this ample, essential gesture at the blue hour, in a vast outdoors setting. The architects of EPFL design a set allowing the videos to be projected simultaneously, side by side, connecting the seven horizon lines into one. ORLANDO, itinerant opera, travels lightly by being rebuilt with local materials. Christophe Fellay creates an audio score that can be interpreted by any musician across the world. Local artists join the adventure and are invitedto play and perform with ORLANDO. ORLANDO connects artists, scientists and audiences at the heart of today’s social evolution towards collaborative organisations, beyond stereotypes, prejudice and stigmatisation, around the world.