A first time at the club this month with the English AnD in all-night long format in the main room. 

Then we continue with a Tresor night with residents of the Berlin club and regulars of the label like James Ruskin and DJ Deep.

The following Saturday the Scandinavians of Fast Forward invaded the club for a fast techno / trance evening in the main room and a video installation in the gallery. 

Then house break with Tama Sumo, resident of the Berghain / Panorama Bar and emblematic figure of the Berlin scene. 

Techno at 360° finally with Freddy K and Cashu, the Italian known for his marathon sets and the Brazilian committed to an inclusive and queer scene.

Visual art

Björt has been doing graphics and visuals for the underground techno parties in Copenhagen for the past year and will come together with the Fast Forward crew to serve you immersive visuals.

02.11 AnD (All night long) // 2 floors

09.11 James Ruskin, DJ Deep, Ron Wilson & Handmade [Tresor Night] // 2 floors

16.11 Repro, Ibon, Troels Hass [Fast Forward Night] // 2 floors – VA

23.11 Tama Sumo // 2 floors 

30.11 Freddy K & Cashu // 2 floors