Historic club and electronic music label : Focus on Tresor

The history and philosophy of the club

Opened in March 1991, Tresor was only declared as an art gallery in Potsdamer Platz for a period of 3 months. It is now one of the emblematic clubs of global electronic culture. Symbol of German reunification with the fall of the wall, Tresor was one of the places linked to the libertarian momentum of the new Berlin.

Inspired by Detroit’s artistic philosophy and aesthetics, a destabilizing opaque fog and a powerful sound system, American artists quickly found a home there, sealing a deep friendship between the two cities.

The evolution of a label

With almost 200 EPs/ albums since 1992, various figures such as: Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Joey Beltram, Drexciya, Juan Atkins, Surgeon, Blake Baxter, Fumyia Tanaka, Dj Hell, Jonas Kopp, Objekt… The Berlin flagship label keeps a rare coherence in its artistic line.

Launched just one year after the club’s opening, the label is still one of the most prolific and iconic in the techno scene today.

A selection of iconic outings, with their stories and anecdotes on the Tresor website

Tresor night at Kalt

James Ruskin (Blueprint / Tresor – London)

Founder of the Blueprint label in 1996, James Ruskin is also a producer, with nearly forty records in his name.
A cold, powerful and metallic techno.

DJ Deep (Deeply Rooted / Tresor – Paris)

Flagship of the French house/techno scene, with multiple influences between raw groove and intense rhythms.

Ron Wilson (777 Recordings / Tresor – Berlin)

Boss of the 777 Recordings label and promoter, he’s playing House and Techno.

Handmade (Same Bitches / Tresor – Berlin)

Berliner DJ, resident of the club for more than 10 years, oscillating between dub, house, acid and techno.