House, techno and some headliners to finish the year. 

We start with the German Roman Flügel in the main room, and a video installation based on body fragments found on the internet. The following Saturday, Avalon Emerson and Cooper Saver will share the main room for a US house and techno session. On Saturday 21st, EBM techno Berghain style with the only French signed at Ostgut, Terence Fixmer. House evening then with Cormac and Muallem on Wednesday, December 25. End of year planned in warehouse / techno big room mode with the English Rebekah. 


SA. 7/12 – Ida Kammerloch (Ischewsk) & Sarah Niecke (Saarbrücken)

The first is interested in IMAGES and visual culture. Mainly taking apart found footage, such as stock photography/ photos from eBay auctions or abandoned Instagram profiles.

The second works with video installations and performances. Bodies from the point of view of apparatuses, unusual and transvisual views of the self and games against any kind of fixed unity. 

A word of thanks to everyone who danced with us this year. We hope to meet your expectations and we want to work even more on comfort, well-being and collective experience. This of course involves improving the club’s infrastructure, the proximity and listening of our team and also, by the behavior of all. Being responsible for your actions and respectful of others are for us essential principles that contribute to the feeling of security that allows each person to be oneself, free of their sexual orientation and their clothing choices.
We ask everyone to respect these principles as well as our efforts to create spaces and moments of freedom from no-photo politics to the condemnation of all forms of harassment.
We also ask you to support our efforts for the environment by removing plastic and choosing the use of returnable glass bottles.
From your arrival to your departure it is important to respect the neighborhood, respect each and the order of arrival in the queue, to take care of one and other during the evening and to report to us any dangerous or disrespectful behavior.

Take care and see you on the dance-floor !

SA. 7.12 Roman Flügel // V-A

SA. 14.12 Avalon Emerson & Cooper Saver // 2 floors

SA. 21.12 Terence Fixmer // 2 floors

WED. 25.12 Cormac & Muallem // 2 floors

SA. 28.12 Rebekah // 2 floors