One Saturday off and then it’s back on. 

So we start the year all decadent, with Possession. The Parisian crew invites VTSS, Funeral Future (LIVE), their resident Parfait and Céline from Technorama records. Bring your most beautiful chains.

The following Saturday we will make a connection between the New York and Dutch scenes with Joey Anderson and Titia in the main room. A 2nd floor runs from start to end by the Cymatique crew who invites their favorite of the moment, the French Steve Marie. 

The German Marcel Fengler will close the month with his techno forged in Berghain, without concession.


To mark the transition to 2020, our graphic designer Samuel Koehl is proposing a new graphic work. Still in a universe of acidulous colours, he will highlight movement and rhythm. The images will be composed of more aerial, dynamic and diffuse forms. 

This end of the year is also the opportunity to review the 2019 project with a scarf in a limited edition of 30 pieces (soon available at the club).

SA. 11.01 VTSS, Funeral Future (LIVE), Parfait & Céline Technorama [POSSESSION at KALT] // 2 floors 

SA. 18.01 Joey Anderson & Titia + Cymatique floor w/ Steve Marie // 2 floors

SA. 25.01 Marcel Fengler // 2 floors