An eclectic month with a slight techno dominance, Detroit, Berlin and Barcelona in the spotlight, a focus on the Danish scene, and an opening on Canadian and Australian electro/house.

To begin with, we welcome a legend of the genre made in Detroit, DJ Rolando. Alongside him, the Italians Subradeon are bridging the gap between the pioneers of Underground Resistance and today’s techno.

The following Saturday it will be the turn of the German Efdemin to take control of the main room. Finest techno with the resident of Berghain, member of the Ostgut team.

Kulør label night then with a line-up and artwork curated by Courtesy, one of our first guests in 2018. Alongside her, Sugar and Kasper Marott will represent Danish sound, techno, trance and more.

John Talabot in extended format for the penultimate date of the month, an atypical artist and sound. Not to be missed!

Finally a newcomers evening with D. Tiffany and Kate Miller, one Canadian, the other Australian, both in the electro trancy and house punchy movement.


In 2020 we will continue to welcome within our walls a space where contemporary art meets nightlife. Can we consider the club as a place to discuss, complexify, question and accelerate our night experience? It is with these issues in mind that the exhibition cycle will take place. In parallel, a project called “Light Box” will start in February. Each evening, it will be a question of paying attention to a photograph and highlighting a unique creative process.

01.02 DJ Rolando & Subradeon // 2 floors

08.02 Efdemin // 2 floors

15.02 John Talabot // 2 floors

22.02 Courtesy, Sugar & Kasper Marott [Kulør night] // 2 floors

29.02 D. Tiffany & Kate Miller // 2 floors