From railway worker to member of Underground Resistance and pioneer of dance music: Focus on Dj Rolando

Born in the Hispanic suburbs of Detroit, Rolando is part of this generation of Detroit’s motor city, where a festive spirit appears essential in view of the economic difficulties it faces. The strong influence of the surrounding mechanical sounds gradually created in some sharp and innovative ears the very particular grain found in the repetitive music of the city of the American Middle West.

Initiated by the radio shows of Wizard Jeff Mills and the crew of Underground Resistance, it is after meeting Mad Mike, Robert Hood and Drexciya, also members, and weaving a sincere and professional friendship, as well as a philosophy placing musical research, innovation and aesthetic conceptualization forward, that he joined the label in the mid-90s.

Over the years, his personality emanated a more marked and personal style, influenced by Latin rhythms and melodies less mechanical and more harmonious than a Juan Atkins at that time, who advocated a much more robotic, metallic and dehumanized style. Rolando will leave the UR collective in 2004. Emancipating himself towards a more instinctive solo project for him, which he had already started to follow in 2002, by creating Los Hermanos Records (fusion techno and latin music) with musician Gerald Mitchell and Mike Banks, in the wake and inspiration of the latest releases on Underground Resistance.

After a break in terms of production during the 2000s, he signed a few releases with the giants Delsin and Ostgut Ton, before creating his eponymous project still current: R3 (Rolando Rocha Records) where he released only his productions and a remix EP by Marcel Dettmann.

In terms of djing, we also find the particular technique of this strait generation, a very spontaneous and dynamic mix, marked by evolutions all along and sound sampling.