Imperial Black Unit A + W – Berlin (DJ SET)

EBM / industrial techno project formed in 2017 by Toulouse-based Lapse of Reason and Templer. Martial aesthetics, based on hard rhythms and screaming synths.

Melania A + W – Berlin (DJ SET)

Polish DJ and producer, based in Berlin, releases on aufnahme + wiedergabe, Instruments Of Discipline, Oraculo Records and Subsist Records. Her eclectic sets reflect an industrial, techno, EBM, and noise energy.

Harsh Mentor LIVE  A + W – Berlin (LIVE)

Live and noise project, whose identity remains hidden. One first and only public performance took place at the Krach festival in 2019.  

Philipp Strobel A + W – Berlin (DJ SET) 

German DJ and promoter, based in Berlin, he founded the label aufnahme + wiedergabe in 2011