Call Super Dekmantel / Houndstooth / Hessle Audio – Berlin

London-based DJ and producer, he is one of Dekmantel’s favourite selectors, signing to UK labels Houndstooth and Hessle Audio. His hypnotic and groovy sets are known for their intensity and finely crafted execution. 

Karen Gwyer Don’t Be Afraid – Berlin (LIVE)

American DJ and producer, based in Berlin, she performs live with a 100% analog setup. Her live performances fuse house, techno and experimental noise. 

Wilt Thé Chaud Records – Strasbourg

French DJ and producer based in Strasbourg, half RBDP and half Nebrah, co-founder of Thé Chaud Records, he plays and produces house and deep house. 

Pacôme Orzi KALT – Strasbourg

DJ from Strasbourg, organizer of techno and house events since 2013, he then participated in the creation of KALT. Influenced by classical music, he plays ambient, house or techno.