Kangding Ray ARA / Figure – Berlin

French DJ and producer, based in Berlin, he produces first on Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts, then more recently on Figure and ARA of which he is curator. He develops an experimental techno universe. We find him under Neon Chambers with Sigha. 

Avsluta Phonica Records – London

London-based DJ and producer, Phonica resident, she creates immersive imaginary events, through progressive ambient compositions, and electro and techno sounds. 

Makar MAL.E.S / La Kulture – Strasbourg

DJ from Strasbourg, co-founder of the collective MAL.E.S, resident of La Kulture, she can be found regularly on ODC Live.

Madbès La Kulture / ODC – Strasbourg

DJ from Strasbourg, resident La Kulture and host on ODC Live.




Alexandre Caretti, Azadeh Cohen Mercury, Ludovic Hadjeras, Ksenia Khmelnitskay, Julien Kirrmann, Malo Lecollinet, Gabriel Leite, Jules Maillot, Garance Oliveras, Léa Tissot (Strasbourg)

Ossifraga comes to violently project itself against the walls of KALT. The luminescent half-light becomes the den of one evening for a group of ten bone breakers in shimmering uniforms. Their spectral wanderings will be scrutinized by nyctalopic cameras; forming a turbulent network between the dilated present and the ghostly past. The bodies will fall and shudder in their fetish envelopes until a frenzy ensues.