A techno EBM label night, a legend of US electro, experimental techno and hypnotic groove, March promises to be eclectic. 

An art space curated by Gabriel Jeanjean – with a yearly cycle of temporary installations/performances starting on March 21st and a permanent “lightbox” presenting a printed work every week.

New KALT T-shirts and scarves in limited editions available at the club’s cloakroom. 

Finally, some developments on k-alt.com: a page dedicated to resident DJs, the announcement of the running order at the end of the week, a reminder of our “house rules” and soon a page dedicated to the art space. 




Alexandre Caretti, Azadeh Cohen Mercury, Ludovic Hadjeras, Ksenia Khmelnitskay, Julien Kirrmann, Malo Lecollinet, Gabriel Leite, Jules Maillot, Garance Oliveras, Léa Tissot (Strasbourg)

Ossifraga comes to violently project itself against the walls of KALT. The luminescent half-light becomes the den of one evening for a group of ten bone breakers in shimmering uniforms. Their spectral wanderings will be scrutinized by nyctalopic cameras; forming a turbulent network between the dilated present and the ghostly past. The bodies will fall and shudder in their fetish envelopes until a frenzy ensues.

7.03 Imperial Black Unit // Melania // Harsh Mentor (live) // Philipp Strobel  [aufnahme +wiedergabe] 

14.03 Danny Daze // Chill // Legba

21.03 Kangding Ray // Avsluta // Makar // Madbès // Ossifraga (V-A)

28.03 Call Super // Karen Gwyer (live) // Wilt // Pacôme Orzi 

Take care and see you on the dancefloor!