David Zingraff was born in France in 1989 and now lives between Epinal and Strasbourg. Genderqueer and pro-sex feminist; her work aims to question bodies, genders and sexualities. Since 2019, she is gradually leaving the more academic nude aside to take the turn of pornography. Breaking the preconceived ideas on alternative sexualities as well as on pornographic photography are the aims towards which it tends. His photo material consists of Polaroïd, argentique (Minolta) and digital. The instantaneousness of the Polaroid and film photography is the specificity they choosed. Even if the digital allows the manipulation of the image she uses it only little. Physical and cerebral, the picture gives a faithful rendering of the models. A plunge into an intimate close to voyeurism and reporting. In resonance with the fields of sociology, genderstudies and pornstudies, David Zingraff’s photos are deserted islands devoid of blinders on which everyone is highlighted in their singularity and otherness.