A DJ from Colmar, he started mixing in the mid-90s and then joined various structures in the Upper Rhine: Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse, Basel and Zurich. Purist of vinyl, his deep and groovy style mixes house, acid and techno.

Interview with Aramis

KALT / Colmar

When did you start dijing ? The key points of your career ? – Is there one (or more) artist(s)/person(s) (not necessarily in the music) who inspired you or who inspires you now? Other inspirations?

The DJ sets I listened to on the radio in the early 90s made me want to mix. It was a long apprenticeship at that time because I was training with friends who had turntables. It’s difficult to define key points given the time that’s gone by, you have to make some key points. choices and forget about people, groups, events and places: all deserve to be mentioned.

For influences it would be endless. I can cite the first influence: DJ Djaimin who used to do Pump it Up mixes on Saturday nights and Cool it Down on Sunday nights on Couleur3 at the very beginning of the 90s, which allowed me from the outset not to compartmentalise the mix in the dance function. And so I jumped to a very recent influence: the Lyon and stéphanoise scene of the labels Kump, Hardfist, Notte Brigante, Worst.

How would you define your style?

I like to discover and rediscover music from various horizons and to integrate them into more or less thematic mixes. I like everything that grooves, from 60 to 180 bpm, whether it makes you jump, dance, model, relax or rock, so there are a lot of musical styles. I can rather define a mixing style, a way of mixing that naturally goes towards crossfades, and letting the musical tracks turn as made by their producers, rather smooth, progressive and long and, I hope, immersive.

Your favorite settings? (context, location, floor, setup, public, etc.)

Four hours of John Talabot’s introductory set until three in the morning in a full KALT last February, it was a highlight! Beside that, I have a preference for small indoor (small clubs and bars) or outdoor committees, especially improbable one shot in apartments, offices, warehouses, galleries, gardens. Here too I thank a lot of people.

Your vision of electronic music? (what it represents, their function, their interest, etc) What do you like in it ?

In a word: good. For thirty years I’ve always been enthusiastic about listening to new product tracks, new mixes, I like to see the evolution of trends. In the evening, electronic music allows you to share with others a cultural experience in the broadest sense of the word, and it also allows moments of introspective listening and dancing in the same lapse of time, which I think is particular to electronic music.

How would you like to see the electronic scene evolve in Strasbourg, France and/or in general ?

Already I find that in Strasbourg it has evolved in a good way for the offer of places, associations, events, public, etc.. Unfortunately a few places have disappeared recently which affects the whole scene and I hope there will be a rebound. I would really like a permanent outdoor location in the summer, near a river.

A few words about one or the other resident of the club? A souvenir of an evening at the club?

Special mention for Schaed, our motorway epics, our b2b’s, our musical discussions and everything else. I’d also like to mention Halès, who mixes techno music that I like, even though it’s a genre I’m very difficult to get into. I liked the b2b with all the residents in 2018: can we do it again?

A few words about your KALT podcast or your recording at the club (styles, important tracks?). Can you tell us about the idea behind this mix ?

The podcast is an uptempo mix for me, rather dance-oriented but with a beginning with cerebral breaks and an evanescent end. The general idea was to mix the batave, bleep, progressive house and other tracks from the early 90’s with the current tracks inspired by them. I put one or two tracks from the 2000’s and early 2010’s so as not to abandon this period. There are a lot of English tracks, it’s a constant tropism for me.

To get a complete overview and picture what he has to say, you can listen to his podcast on our channel: