Crédits : Cécilia Fagon

Chill (KALT – Strasbourg)

DJ from Strasbourg with a hip-hop background, he turned to electronic music in 2011, then organizes the Closely parties from 2014 to 2018. His techno is punchy and mental.

How and when did you start the mix?

I started mixing hip-hop at the beginning of the 2000s after having been at a friend’s scratching place, it immediately made me want to learn how to do the same thing. So I bought a pair of belt-driven turntables, it was a bit of a hassle but it allowed me to learn the basics. Then my first pair of Technics was a real trigger, I spent a lot of time on them… I was then able to mix on the radio on RBS in the show that Dj P and Dj AZ hosted around 2003…

The key points of your journey?

After a long period of hibernation, Phil asked me to come and mix at the Mudd Club, then I started to evolve in the scene by getting dates in bars in Strasbourg, I was still mixing hip-hop at that time. The big turning point was a trip to Berlin where I really discovered electronic music, that’s when I felt that it was this music that I wanted to play in a club, which happened a little later with the Rolling Deep parties, still at the Mudd Club, then the Closely, everything followed one after the other pretty quickly.

How would you define your style?

Difficult to define your own style, not sure to have a very precise style… Maybe you should ask the question to others 🙂 ! Especially since it depends on where I play, the size of the venue, etc…

Your favorite settings?

I like to play in different settings. I enjoy playing on the Mezza as much as in the Main Room, two totally different atmospheres. In the Mezza I might play more personal stuff, I’ll travel between different styles, that’s why I like to play long, I love all night long. In the main room, I tend to be more efficient, I don’t let fantasy run free, it’s due to the physiognomy of the room and the booth that imposes it, you have to follow the rhythm of the floor.

How do you prepare your sets?

I never come to the club with a set prepared in advance, I choose tracks according to the guest, whether I do the opening or closing. I have a general idea of what I want to play but after that it’s done by feeling at the moment, I let myself be guided by the dancefloor…it makes it nice.

What’s your balance between your DJ career, your private life and your professional life?

A bit more free time since I stopped organizing Closely parties. I have a good balance between parties and my professional life which are two totally different worlds. For digging, I have my little routines on the internet (hardwax, bandcamp, decks) where I check every week what’s coming out…but it’s hard to find my way with the amount of music that’s produced, it takes a lot of time!

Your vision of electronic music?

What I like in electronic music is the communion you can have in the club, between the DJ and the dancefloor, between the clubbers… The emotions you can feel when you listen to it at home but especially on a big sound system where it makes sense…with your eyes closed in the middle of people dancing, that’s the image I have of electronic music.

A souvenir of an evening at the club?

I have an excellent memory of the first anniversary of the club, the b2b between Octa Octa and Eris Drew was crazy, great atmosphere that night… behind the decks I remember the warm up before Luke Slater, it’s not every day that we have the opportunity to play before a legend.

A few words about your last recording?

It’s a recording at the club, I played before Marcel Fengler, I started at 1am, there was already a nice atmosphere on the floor, two hours of techno in the heat of KALT 🙂