Schaed (KALT – Colmar)

DJ based in Colmar, he started mixing in 2005 and made his first steps in the Geneva alternative scene. His deep style, influenced by traditional house, mixes tribal sounds, electro and techno-hypnotic layers. 

How and when did you start the mix?

I started in Geneva: I’d been listening to electronic music for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to buy turntables. I approached a guy who ran a squat in Artamis (it was an industrial wasteland where there were a lot of clubs) and he said: “You’re mixing this weekend”. At the time, I had no experience, it was very exciting! That allowed me to quickly get my foot in the door in the Swiss scene, which was very active at the time. With my friends, we then organized many parties and Afters in alternative venues, notably in Basel and Geneva.

The key points of your career? Any inspirations?

In my musical career, everything has always been done little by little, a bit in “marathon mode”: slowly but surely. As a non-exhaustive list, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends at the SAS in Delemont who have allowed me to have fantastic evenings from the very beginning, Dj Dub and Se-te-ve who booked me in several clubs in Geneva, Seb du Bollwerk whom I met 10 years ago who regularly invites me to events in Mulhouse and especially to the Motoco, but also associations like Welcommunity, RDV, or places like La Kulture which allowed me to mix and make myself known in Strasbourg, before the creation of KALT. In short, I probably forget a lot of people but I say THANK YOU to them!
For inspiration, there are really too many people to list them 🙂 In terms of discovery, I have a good bunch of friends who evolve in music and in very diverse styles, we share a lot and it’s really very enriching.
Electronic music has become a jungle: it’s a pleasure to clear it with friends.

How would you define your style?

I lived in Paris during the ‘French Touch’, then in Geneva where the sound was less ‘heavy’ and more House than in Germany on the border with Alsace and I have a very strong relationship with my Brazilian friends who have a great love for rhythm and music. My style must be a mix of all these rather colourful musical influences.

Your balance between your DJ/prod career, your private and professional life?

I am a landscape architect and my first activity is designing and creating gardens. As time goes by, I realize more and more that the way of approaching music and gardens are quite close, for example we work on the search for harmony of rhythm in both domains. Moreover, we have to work with changing and sometimes unpredictable factors, nature for the gardens, the public for the mix.
So it’s quite natural for me to move from one to the other.

I’ve recently started working on music production, which is a very time-consuming process. I’ve been trying to combine that with a lot of hard work and a lot of busy weeks.

What’s your take on electronic music?

When I started listening to electronic music in the 90s, the ‘forbidden’ side of things was very much present. Music was being demonised in the media and in some countries like England there was a lot of debate about whether or not it should be banned. For me, this music was a way to participate in something new, to stand out from the previous generation and to break free from the rules.
I feel this spirit has come back in recent years with much more open and rawer mixes, after a period when music was a bit too stereotyped.

How would you like to see the electronic scene evolve in Strasbourg, France and/or in general?

I don’t have a particular vision but like everyone else I think at the moment, I have a lot of questions. I’ve only been on the Strasbourg scene for a short time now and I can’t help noticing the rise of the scene: it’s great! In the past, cities like Basel had a much greater power of attraction than Strasbourg, but for a few years now, the European Capital has no longer had anything to be ashamed of. It has become a city that offers quality events every weekend and I hope that this will continue.

A few words about one or the other resident of the club?

At the beginning of the adventure, I knew Aramis who is an old friend and to whom I return the special mention of his interview 😉 … Etienne, and of course Roan who proposed me to participate in the project. As the adventure went on, I was able to discover the quality of the musical universes of each of the club’s residents. I was really impressed during the Resident night by the level of music proposed.
I would like to thank the team again for making me part of this great experience!

A few words about your KALT podcast? Can you tell us about the idea behind this mix?

I had the pleasure to make the second KALT podcast. In podcasts in general, I leave a generous part “to the melody”, assuming that people listen to it quietly at home and therefore have other expectations than on a dancefloor. There has been a good craze around the podcast, which has allowed me to take my bearings and present my musical universe.

KALT · KALT Podcast #1.2 // Schaed

Tracklist :

1. Drifting – Orson Wells
2.You Said (Original Mix) – Pete Moss, Cassy
3.Secrets & Lies – Fort Romeau 
4. Closing Geography (Original Mix) – Clint 
5.Complexo – Li-Polymer
6.Nodes (Kaarel Remix) – Julian Ganzer, Javier Logares
7. The Last Dance (Mano Le Tough Remix) – Eagles & Butterflies
8. Pelican’s Flight – Baikal
9. Fondamental (Original Mix)- Kosme
10.Guru (Marc Pinol Remix) – Sunrom
11.Limbo Walker -Switchdance
12. Jigsaw Lovers Club (Aera Remix) – Panorama Channel
13. Satori (Original Mix)- Etienne Jaumet
14. Under The Surface – Ivory (IT) 
15. Rural Development (De Cave Man, TonicVolts Remix) – Sobek
16. Proxima B (Original Mix) – Core
17. Crystal Quest – Cleveland