Despite the closure of the club for an uncertain period of time, we wish to continue to defend the principles we hold dear, such as freedom, respect for diversity and sexual orientation, non-discrimination and non-violence. These consubstantial principles of house and techno culture are under attack almost everywhere in the world, and the health situation forces us to invent other forms of resistance than that of dancing together.
As our resident Schaed reminds us in his interview this week, techno culture is rich in encounters and mixes. Let’s protect it by our openness and benevolence towards everyone without distinction or prejudice.

Art is a means of cultivating this state of mind, and the performances and installations we host must contribute to it. KALT/Artspace is a critical platform developed with the Strasbourg artist Gabriel Jeanjean, to question the relationship of contemporary art to the world of the night. Find in the corresponding section a retrospective of past installations.

Also, “Support your local scene” is the collective message that we wish to carry with three other actors of the electronic scene in Strasbourg: Locked Grooves, ODC and La Kulture. A collective tote bag will soon be available, notably at Locked Grooves, which particularly supports local actors and artists by diffusing their productions in its record shop near Les Halles.

Finally, a last word about the support initiative through the sale of KALT t-shirts and scarves. The KALT Classic 01 and April 20 t-shirts (sold out) are currently being silk-screened at Drips. We should be able to deliver them in the week of June 15.

Thank you all for your support, we hope to see you on the dancefloor as soon as possible!