Legba (KALT / Cymatique – Strasbourg)

DJ from Strasbourg, vinyl enthusiast, he started with techno and DnB before turning to minimal house and electro. Engaged in several non-profit organizations, he joined the Cymatique crew in 2020.

How and when did you start the mix?

I started mixing at the beginning of the 2000s, out of curiosity and because I was starting to listen to a lot of electronic music, to get out and discover this musical current.
I discovered DnB, the jungle and many artists of the IDM current, especially thanks to the label Warp record which has always, from my point of view, been a link between electronic music and other musical currents.
At the same time, I took part in many “Clubbing” evenings at the Laiterie in Strasbourg and at the Ososphère festival where I could see many artists performing.

The key points of your journey? – Is there one or more artist(s)/person(s) who has/have inspired you or is/are currently inspiring you? Other inspirations?

I’m constantly looking for new things, I’ve been inspired by many musicians with different styles. I move forward with my discoveries. What I play today is not what I will play tomorrow. Acquiring my first turntables obviously remains a key point in my career because it has taken me from spectator to actor on the music scene. I’ve also had the chance to be active in several associations in Strasbourg that promote this musical trend, which has enabled me to take a closer interest in the scene.

How would you define your style?

I don’t like to define myself in a particular style. That’s what I think is the richness of electronic music. To be able to combine different styles and currents to come out with a coherent set. To be able to draw from right to left to tell a story. I mix mainly on vinyl, the medium I prefer for the technique and the vision of the materialized object, I see it spinning, it’s present.

Your favorite settings ?

I like places that aren’t too big where you’re close to the public. Where the dancers are at the same level. It’s galvanizing and motivating. The audience and the dj form a whole, that’s where the magic happens.

How do you prepare your sets?

I spend a lot of time listening, testing sounds, combinations. I classify my records by style, taking what I want to play. But I don ‘t really prepare my sets. It depends on the moment, my state of mind and the audience.

Your balance between your DJ/prod career, your private and professional life?

Mixing remains a passion, just like music in general. I use the fact of being a dj to convey the things I like to listen to. So I spend a lot of time digging, looking for new sounds.

A souvenir from a night at the club?

I have a lot of amazing sets in mind at KALT but if I had to choose one I think it would be the Octo Octa B2B Eris Drew set. The energy transmitted by the djs was memorable. Otherwise obviously my first all night long on the 2nd floor. Nice experience on the length where I had time to build what I wanted.

A few words about your KALT podcast?

I make my mixes according to the mood of the moment, as I’m going through a period where I like rather broken tracks, I chose to make a mix going in this direction.
I also incorporated some 2steps and techno tracks that go well with the broken style.
I incorporated sounds from Labels that I particularly like like Kalahari Oyster Cult, Tone Dropout or the French guys from Lumbago Record.
The mix is a little tour of what I like to play at the moment and of some artists that I like like like Dawl, Modex or Bushwacka.