Roan (KALT – Strasbourg)

DJ and producer from Strasbourg, he started mixing in 2011, co-founded the collective Ephémère in 2012 and then participated in the creation of KALT. He plays ambient and techno.

How and when did you start the mix?

I started mixing digitally in 2010 and since a lot of my friends were on vinyl, I found used decks and learned a new way to mix. I had good teachers.

The key points of your journey?

The first pirate evenings organised in the forest or, for example, in a Catholic home in Strasbourg remain a great memory.

The first electronic music association Carte Blanche, which I joined in 2011 in Nancy founded by my childhood friend Marc Henry.

The Ephemère evening organization project that I co-founded in 2012 in Strasbourg.

Sonotone that took on a darker musical colour and atmosphere.

And now KALT.

How would you define your style?

I don’t really have a style per se. I don’t like to be classified in a box or a musical style, if I do a warm up before a “deep techno” guest I wouldn’t play the same tracks and I wouldn’t be at the same BPM as before an artist who plays more industrial techno, it depends on the moment.

Your favorite settings?

I still have good memories of the Ephemeral dates but I was quite stressed, organising and mixing is not easy to be able to clear your head and stay focused on your music, but it was a good school.

The 3 dates at the Nordstern in Bale, a real electronic music club was cool.

In Berlin at the Club Griessmuehle, the energy of the audience was crazy, I loved that date.

And at KALT, we’ve shaped it in our own image, so of course the mixing conditions are right for us and that’s something we’re proud of.

How do you prepare your sets before each show?

I make a big selection of tracks depending on the evening and the artist programmed.

Your plans ?

-An ambient musical project with Lucas Litzler under his Lowlevel alias
-I was supposed to play at the Das Fest festival in Karsruhe in July under the current conditions it will certainly be postponed, I hope to be there.

KALT · KALT Podcast #1.9 // Roan