Pacôme Orzi (KALT – Strasbourg)

DJ from Strasbourg, organizer of techno and house events since 2013, he then participated in the creation of KALT. Influenced by classical music, he plays ambient, house or techno.

How and when did you start the mix?

I bought my first decks (2xCDJ + 1xVinyl) in 2011 after discovering electronic music in London in the summer of the same year, my roommate and the big warehouse parties during this stay made me want to get into it!
I started to play live and in duo with Raphaël Prior (1/2 of the duo Amentia) with the Smile This Sound parties.

The key points of your journey? – Is there one (or more) artist(s)/person(s) who inspired you or who inspire you now? Other inspirations?

My passion for music, the attraction of discovery and human encounters have always been driving forces in the realization of my projects. My musical lucky star and the follow-up of my desires are the fruit of my lived experiences.

When I was young, my parents allowed me to follow classical piano and violin trainings for several years and by listening I immersed myself in all styles (rap, reggae, dub, jazz, indie rock…). My curiosity for the rock scene brings me to London in 2011, I discover electronic music.

The desire to learn more about it brings me to Berlin the following year, where I meet Anne-Laure Jaeglé (author of the autobiographical novel “Demande à la nuit”) and her community of organizers of multi-artistic events.

Following these two learning experiences, the associations Smile This Sound and Manufaktur were created and I organized team events in different formats for almost 3 years.

The KALT project is the culmination of a happy personal dream.

My inspirations

• Le Cheval Blanc hall in Schiltigheim and the festivals, Musica in Strasbourg, Experiment Intrinsic (ambient and experimental) and Waking Life in Portugal, thanks to concerts combining quality, experimentation and innovation, have really enriched my listening experience.

• Aurora Halal’s productions and sets have been touching me emotionally as intensely as ever for more than 5 years,

•Luigi Tozzi and his productions allowed me to discover deep and ambient-techno,

My friends and producers, Jérôme Barresi and Avsluta with whom I had the chance to share some DJ sets, made me discover their musical universes strongly influenced by dub techno and ambient.

Recently, Courtesy (and her label KULØR) with the Danish scene brought me to a new more rave and trance area full of emotions and melodies.
The people around me have always been sources of inspiration that I never stopped considering and that allowed me to evolve always taking into account my sensitivity, I thank them.

The independant cinema, contemporary arts and creative cuisine have also become pillars of inspiration over the years.

How would you define your style?

Since the purchase of my first record, my discography has been built up without genre limits and allows me today to have the feeling that I can play in any context with a large choice of tracks.

During a live performance, the idea of creating a unique story and atmosphere is very close to my heart in response to the ephemeral nature of the moment.

My key words to achieve this goal are: intensity – variations – emotions – astonishment.

“The music is rich in hues and nuances that we must be able to assemble and bring together”.

… otherwise, I really like introspective music with a touch of conviviality.

Your favorite settings ?

Generally speaking, I like the visual ambiances to be adapted to the musical colours and vice versa.
Indoors, I’m attracted by the “concert hall in delirium” atmosphere; to achieve this trance, the very subdued ambient settings, lots of smoke and precise sound system at high volume work rather well with music that is rich and nuanced in different ways. If the audience has their feet firmly planted in the moment, it’s a winner! I’m glad that at KALT we can achieve this kind of ambience on a regular basis, I’ve found few places on earth so far that have the potential to create this ambience.
Outdoors, the festival that I enjoyed the most was Waking Life, where everything is really possible while being comfortable and the food is exceptional.

How do you prepare your sets?

For this mission, the Bandcamp platform is my best companion. I subscribe to labels and artists that I like and receive daily notifications when there is a release. When I have a crush, I “wishlist” the release and go back on it 1 or 2 week(s) before the show before buying it to see if it could fit the night and my mood of the moment.
I then classify my tracks by genre by abbreviating the name of the main genre by its first letter (T = Techno, H = House, E = Electro), I add 1 or 2 adjectives (eg: “T Ambient Nostalgic”, “T Acid Epic” …).
This system allows you to have an overview of my selection at a glance, to know the elements and moods of my music without needing to know them well.

I classify the purchases grouped together before performance in a single file with the name/date of the evening which allows me to know if it is a recent selection or not and from time to time I group the old files in a “Grande Collection” file.
Concerning my collection of vinyls, I buy them all in record shops, in second hand and when I’m on the road most of the time.
The week before the party I try to mix at least twice to get myself in the mood, work and find new mixing techniques, and listen to my latest purchases.

Your take on electronic music? / What do you like about it?

Electronic music represents a different art form than DJing. DJing uses electronic music creations to create a “set” = a mood and a moment. The listening space (club, festival…) is the meeting place for people who are sensitive to these arts (in theory). Music for me has a creative function of emotions (perceived as positive or negative) that will act on the behaviour of the people gathered. The behaviours adopted by each person will create interactions and links (more or less strong) between people.
This art is a highly democratized language in its own right, having the power to bring together people from very different worlds and places. For me, electronic art and music convey the idea that “as long as music resonates/resonates, everything is possible, all the time” so infinity exists and freedom lasts.

Your projects ?

To keep KALT active for as long as possible so that people who enter KALT can continue to feel the sense of freedom of body and mind.
Personally, I would like to start contemporary dance in September and move on to music production.

A message ?

Randomly, “Don’t be afraid to push your limits with kindness and change your comfort zone regularly! ».

How would you like to see the electronic scene evolve in Strasbourg, France and/or in general ?

In general, I would like to see enough scenes highlighting all the sub-genres of electronic music at every hour of the day. Life is a festival isn’t it?
In practice, I can’t wait for the concert halls to reopen.

A few words about one or the other resident of the club?

A little nod to Chill who regularly invited me to play at FAT and Mudd. He was one of the first to call me to play outside the events organized by my collective. We were able to share several back to back sessions, musically he has a selection that I like very much and humanly it always worked well, it brought me great experiences.

A souvenir of an evening at the club?

Courtesy’s set when she first came a few weeks after the opening of the club, it was a Friday night with few people but a rather dark atmosphere, she played a progressive set, very varied and full of emotions. I have a memory of the atmosphere which corresponded a little bit to the idea of a “concert hall in delirium” despite the few people present.
I rarely get the chance to listen to the sets of our residents from beginning to end unfortunately, but the last back to back set with Chill on KALT’s 2nd floor is one of my favourite memories at the club. Playing in pairs is soothing for me.

A few words about your recording at the club?

It’s a recording of my last set at the opening of the KULØR party on 22.02.20. This evening was very close to my heart as this label inspires me a lot and Courtesy invited me to play the opening. I had a good newcomer stage fright to overcome, a selection not easy to play, and received (to my astonishment) a feedback from the audience well above my expectations. Listening to it again, I really loved the changes of ambiences and tempos, the diversity of tracks going from contemporary music to ambient, IDM to DnB and then to several genres of Techno.
This mix really made me understand that I was moving to a new way of looking at mix and dance music.