Artwork by Samuel Koehl

The situation is still uncertain for clubs, concerts and electronic music.
The position of the state seems to be supportive but we do not yet have clear prospects for the coming months.

We are therefore extending the open-air concerts by one month.

The September programme is in line with the current health, ecological and social context.

We continue to invite committed artists from the queer and LGBTQI+ scenes. We also try to give priority to train journeys as much as possible.

Find the first names of this month’s programme on

We would like to thank all our guests, international, national and local artists, agencies and our residents who play the game and agree to reduce their fees to adapt to the open-air format and this reduced gauge.

You always have the possibility to support us by buying our products via the e-shop or directly at the club reception.

The limited edition KALT mask is now available in the e-shop. Last sizes available for the classic 01 t-shirt, before the arrival of new models.

You now also have the possibility to support us directly with a donation via Paypal.

Thank you for your support and for your participation to our events despite of the actual conditions.

We hope to be able to resume our nightly formats soon and find you in the main room!