1, rue la Fayette


Opening Hours

Saturday 23:00 - 7:00


10€ before 1:00
15€ after 1:00
Tickets at the door only


1, rue la Fayette


Line A or E


Line 40


Graphic & web design: Samuel Koehl

House Rules

KALT is a space dedicated to electronic music and visual arts, a space of discovery and encounter where everyone can freely be themselves, protected from any form of harassment.  

Any form of harassment is forbidden. If you are a victim or witness of a harassment situation (verbal or physical) immediately notify security or a member of the team. 

Any form of hostile or aggressive attitude is prohibited. Our space is a place of tolerance and benevolence. 

Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no VIP access or queue cutting. There are no pre-sales. 

A search is applied at the entrance, any illegal substance will be destroyed and any prohibited items will be confiscated for the duration of the evening.

In order to guarantee everyone’s privacy and not to be intrusive, it is forbidden to take pictures or videos inside the club and outside (queue / smoking room / terrace). Take advantage of the moment and leave your phones in the cloakroom instead.  

Tagging and graffiti are forbidden inside and outside the building. 

Lost and found items are kept and available at the cloakroom for 3 weeks.  

Respect the neighbourhood when you arrive and leave. 

Respect the club’s staff and contribute to the smooth running of the club, especially by using the cases to deposit your empty glasses and bottles. 

Be responsible for yourself and be kind to others. Take care of each other. 

Failure to respect these rules will be punished by exclusion and/or a ban on entry. 


K//ALT is an independant and alternative cultural place dedicated to electronic music and visual art.
The main room is built for electronic music performances (DJ sets & Live acts). Two other high ceiling rooms and corridors are dedicated to exhibitions and chill-out.


K//ALT is a renewed factory located in the industrial area of Strasbourg called Krimmeri-Meinau. With its high ceilings, bricks and faded walls, KALT’s architecture has respected the site’s industrial soul.


The program encompasses a wide selection from the deepest realms of house, techno and ambient. The club is open each Saturday night and periodically hosts exhibitions, in situ installations and performances. K//ALT works with as many women as men artists, promotes gender equality and non-discrimination. ♀=♂


Many thanks to Vincent Petit & Maxime Martin (Studio Petit Martin) / Bénédicte Antoine / Emilie Fux / Olivier Guillembet / Marc Liebrich /Carole Mimouni / Jean-François Paux / Jean-François Reitzer / Marie-Aline Taglang / Johanne Tatin-Wilk

with the support of the CNM, the City of Strasbourg and the FEDER